A Look at Pokemon GO 7 Years In

Been a Pokémon GO fan since day 1? Then this article is for you as we’ll be comparing the game from the day it first released till now so read through and learn about all the good and bad changes. A Look at Pokemon GO 7 Years In large

When it comes to names, there aren’t many bigger names than Pokémon, both in the gaming industry and in the cartoon industry as well. With millions of followers from all over the world, this franchise sure does know how to keep their audience hooked and happy. It’s been 7 years in Pokémon GO was released and, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed from the day it first got released. In this article, we’ll be making a brief comparison between all the old aspects of the game and the new ones and we’ll see how the game has changed 7 years since its release.

1. Features

When Pokémon GO first launched, it featured the core elements of capturing Pokémon, battling them in gyms, and collecting items from PokeStops. The game utilized augmented reality to display Pokémon in the real world. Over the years, Pokémon GO has introduced various features, including trading Pokémon with friends, joining raids to battle powerful Pokémon together, participating in PvP battles through the GO Battle League, Team GO Rocket encounters, research tasks, and community events like Community Days and Go Fest.

2. Gameplay Changes

This is one of the departments where you always expect changes. In the beginning, gameplay mainly revolved around capturing Pokémon by throwing Poke Balls, training them in gyms, and taking control of gyms for your team. Pokémon GO has evolved significantly since its release. Now, players can participate in various types of battles, including raids against powerful Pokémon and PvP battles against other trainers. The introduction of quests, research tasks, and special events has added depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

3. Pokémon Availability and Generation

The initial release of Pokémon GO featured Pokémon primarily from the Kanto region, with a limited number of species available. Over time, Niantic has gradually introduced Pokémon from additional generations. As of the latest updates, players can encounter and capture Pokémon from all eight generations, significantly expanding the available pool of Pokémon.

4. Visual Improvements

The visuals in the initial release of Pokémon GO were relatively simple, with basic animations for Pokémon encounters and gym battles. The visual quality of Pokémon encounters and battles has improved, offering smoother animations and more detailed models. The addition of the AR+ mode provides a more immersive AR experience by allowing Pokémon to interact with the environment.

5. Community Engagement

Pokémon GO has fostered a strong community through the introduction of community events, such as Community Days and Go Fest. These events bring trainers together in real-world locations to catch special Pokémon, complete challenges, and participate in unique experiences.

6. Accessibility

Pokémon GO has made efforts to increase accessibility for players with different abilities. Features like Adventure Sync, which tracks walking distance even when the app is closed, and the ability to customize the user interface for easier interaction have been implemented.

Overall, Pokémon GO has evolved significantly since its initial release. Niantic has introduced numerous features, expanded the available Pokémon, improved visuals and gameplay, and engaged the community through regular updates and events. These changes have contributed to a more immersive, diverse, and enjoyable Pokémon GO experience for players around the world.