Why Is Lady Popular So Fun to Play?

When it comes to fashion games, one name is often heard among all those aspiring fashionistas, and that game is known as Lady Popular! Why is it so fun to play though? Let's find out! Why Is Lady Popular So Fun to Play? large

When it comes to fashion games, one name is often heard among all those aspiring fashionistas, and that game is known as Lady Popular. In this game, you’ll not only get to doll up your lady avatar in beautiful and hip clothes and accessories; you’ll also get to compete in a fashion showdown with other players, strut down the catwalk like a diva, go on dates with hot boys, have your own virtual place to call home, and tons of fun activities to sign up for. Sounds like fun? Well, let’s check it out!

Being a fashion game, Lady Popular has tons of customization options for your lady avatar. You can literally change anything you like on your avatar, be it hairstyle, eye shape, or even your skin color prior to and after entering the game. In fact, once you’re in the game, you can head over to the Beauty Salon and customize your avatar further, such as adding on make-up, tattoos, hennas, and also piercings.

Not to mention, Lady Popular stocks a wide variety of the latest fashion, each of them neatly separated by theme and are sold in their designated shops. Although you start with only 1 store to shop from, you’ll eventually be able to access more stores as you level up, unlocking plenty more clothes, accessories and more for you to mix and match to your liking. From time to time, there are special event-themed items for you to buy and collect as well, and this includes the exclusive FTV Collection sold at the Fashion TV Shop. Dressing your avatar up with items from such an exclusive fashion line will definitely turn some heads around.

Changing outfits in Lady Popular

Happy with your outfit and ready to show the other girls what it means to be a true fashionista? Well, you can do so by challenging other ladies to a fashion showdown at the Fashion Arena. The Arena works by mainly comparing your stats with your opponent. There are 3 rounds in total, and for each round, 3 out of your 6 stats (Style, Creativity, Devotion, Beauty, Generosity and Loyalty) will be chosen randomly and compared. Naturally, the player with most instances of having higher stats will win the showdown.

Since stats play such an important role in the Fashion Arena, it’s wise to find ways to keep improving your stats. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for you to do so in Lady Popular. You can increase certain stats by performing specific actions, such as increasing your Style points by buying new clothes or earning more Beauty points by changing the appearance of your avatar at the Beauty Salon.

However, if you happen to be rich in the game, you could also spend game cash to buy some extra points for a stat you want. The cost per point will gradually increase as you spend more money on your lady’s stats. Need more cash? You can easily get more by either working at FTV or by winning fashion duels at the Arena.

There are many more fun activities you can do in this game, such as adopting an adorable pet, training it and dressing it up in cute little outfits; or to decorate your apartment with the many furniture you’ve bought from the furniture shop. Let’s not forget about the many events that Lady Popular organizes now and then to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. For instance, the current Valentine’s Day event which will reward you, if you’re lucky, with a heart whenever you win a duel. The hearts can be collected and exchanged for St. Valentine’s amazing gifts, which include one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day-themed clothes and accessories.

So, in a nutshell, Lady Popular doesn’t only have amazingly in-depth customization options that befit a fashion game; it also provides tons of fun activities and games for you to play and enjoy. Hence, it’s not at all surprising that Lady Popular is among the most popular fashion game there is on the web!