4 In A Row

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Defeat your friends, family and the computer in one of the most loved classic board games ever.
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If you like game night, then you probably are a master at playing 4 In A Row, but now you can test how good you are playing the virtual version of this fun board game. We all know the rules of 4 In A Row, but now you can see if you are actually good at this game or if you actually only won with your family because they are really bad.

4 In A Row is the perfect simulator for this board game, since you have all the things that you need to satisfy your needs for 4 In A Row the game offers you great graphics, smooth animations and realistic sound effects with beautiful shiny checkers and a high quality background. In terms of aesthetic we congratulate 4 In A Row.

If you want to play by yourself, you can test your skills against the AI, but don’t underestimate it, since it’s actually better than most people would expect. If you are a beginner in 4 In A Row, we recommend you to play it on the first level of difficulty, but if you think you can beat the machine, then go ahead and put in on the third level.

You can also play with your friends, but only locally, since 4 In A Row doesn’t actually offer online matches; this might be the only recommendation that we would give to the developers, but overall it’s a well-polished game perfect to challenge friends and to improve our skills at 4 In A Row.

If you have friends over and you want to see who is the best at 4 In A Row, but you don’t have the board game with you, don’t worry just go ahead and play 4 In A Row on this great platform right now.