April: Jigsaw Puzzle by Number

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Set out on a joyful adventure into the world of realistic wooden-shaped jigsaw puzzles in this delightful jigsaw puzzle game.
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Offering engaging gameplay with wonderful jigsaw puzzles for you to complete, April: Jigsaw Puzzle by Number is a fascinating and highly gripping puzzle game that doesn’t shy away from innovating things as it brings a wonderful and highly realistic jigsaw puzzle experience. The core elements have been executed with absolute perfection and the game doesn’t leave a thing to be desired as it’s a feature filled game with stunning visuals and so much more. To make things even better, this is mobile-based game which means you can enjoy it anytime your heart desires. The game also features a short tutorial that does an excellent job of explain the fundamentals so all new comers are advised to pay close attention to it.

The gameplay is where this game has an edge over other jigsaw puzzle games because, unlike other games of this type, there’s technicality and brains involved in this one. This is a game in which, before starting off, you’ll be choosing an image of your choice to complete. Once the game begins, you’ll see a massive assortment of blank spaces, along with all your puzzle parts at the bottom. Keeping the numbers in mind on the puzzle and the numbers on the jigsaw pieces, you’ll have to be clever with the placement and if you do so, you’ll see the jigsaw puzzle being completed.

What’s great about this game is the fact that it comes with a gigantic library of jigsaw puzzles for you to complete ranging from premium ones to casual ones, and so much more. The visuals of the game are truly stunning thanks to the sleek user interface, smooth frame rates, brilliant animations, and so much more.

All said and done, April: Jigsaw Puzzle by Number is a marvelous jigsaw puzzle game with top-tier gameplay and tons of other amusing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying for everyone.