Asphalt Xtreme

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Put your driving skills to the test on the curviest off road tracks in Asphalt Xtreme! Play Now Asphalt Xtreme large

Asphalt Xtreme beings the off road racing fun to your devices. With over 38 cars from the most famous brands of the world, this racing game puts your driving skill to the real test on the curviest tracks. Enjoy 10 amazing seasons and race your way to become the ultimate off road king! The game offers 10 unique seasons for you to test your mettle in. Each season has multiple races that you will have to win in order to unlock the next tougher challenges.

The game brings a huge variety of the meanest machines for you to ride. Over 38 unique cars from the world’s most famous brands have been introduced in the game. Asphalt Xtreme brings diversity with a wide range of rally cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and buggy rides. You have the option to upgrade your rides and customize them as well.

Are you ready to go Xtreme? Try out Asphalt Xtreme for a real challenge.