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If you have heard of DOTA the online game, maybe you have seen the ads for Auto Chess. To summarize let us tell you that Auto Chess is a strategy game, in which you'll be using units from DOTA to battle automatically inside a chess board. It sounds complex, but is actually pretty easy once you understand the simple mechanics of the game. Create your army and show other players online that you’re the best by being the last one standing.

DOTA is certainly one of the most famous online games, but that’s just not enough that’s why they company decided to enter the world of auto-battlers. It’s called like this because your job as the gamer is to arrange the pieces to create the best strategy and then just let them fight. If you make a solid plan, then you can see your pieces winning each round.

A good plan is based on synergies and positioning, as this will decide the faith of each battle. All the available pieces have a faction and a class and this is important because this is how we’re going to create synergies. Each synergy will give you special power ups like more attack, more defense, more critical hits, etc.

You and other 7 players are the protagonists here, as you'll have to battle each other and sometimes the CPU to win items, which you can later add to your fighters, and to drain each other’s HP. If you win you'll have gold that you can later use to upgrade your avatar, buy pieces and more.

Auto Chess is one of those games that once you get the hang of it, you just can’t stop playing because it’s super addictive and fun, so go ahead and download it right now.