Bad Girls Women Wrestling Game

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Be the queen of the ring through quick and brutal professional wrestling matches! Play Now Bad Girls Women Wrestling Game large

Get into the ring, clobber some jobbers, and win the championship belt. Bad Girls Women Wrestling Game starts with Single Match modes. Like what the name says, these are one-on-one bouts, save for a few tag team stages. You can swap with a partner in case you’re into more trouble than you can handle. Multiplayer Matches are where there are more tag team fights. An all-out melee where you can smash and crash. There’s Story Mode, where random battles take place for more excitement.

Wrestling in this game is easy. You get a d-pad to move your character around. Dedicated punch, kick, and pickup item buttons make your character throw a punch, swing a kick, or pick up an item lying around in the arena. You can hold an action button to do multiple punches, kicks, or whack the enemy wrestler as long as you can hold the object. There are several items to maul an opponent with. Either you pick up a sledgehammer and beat somebody with it, or throw a ladder, a chair, or even a table her way. Once you see the orange button on the screen, tap, and arm yourself with your instrument of choice. You and your opponent will have health bars. It’s all a matter of who gets to empty the other’s first. Separate HP gauges are provided for each participant in tag team matches. Don’t get careless though, since your team loses the match if one of you gets floored for good.

You can unlock other wrestlers to fight for your side by buying them. Getting the gold to add another fighter to your roster means you need to win matches. Grind a little in case you’re only after a few faces. Be prepared to work your way through if you want everybody in your selection.

Summing this up, Bad Girls Women Wrestling Game is easy, fast, and simple for a fighting game.