Basketball Showdown

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Out-shoot your opponents and win against 1v1 matches in Basketball Showdown. Play Now Basketball Showdown large

Come and enjoy a basketball shooting game that tests your ability to aim and score with a flick of your finger. Have fun and enjoy their 3D graphics which feature different designs of the basketball and its smooth and fluid animation. There are three modes you can play on and you can go against the computer AI or connect with other players online. You can add a friend and go for a game or two.

The mechanics of Basketball Showdown is simple and its controls are user-friendly as well. All you need to do is to shoot the ball into the hoop and you get one point each. Tap the screen with your finger and swipe it to the ring to shoot. It follows the trajectory of your movement so a well-aimed shot will always get you to the point. Your position also changes randomly after each successful score so it keeps you from doing the same thing over and over again. The physics works in the game as you can use the backboard to bounce your shot and make it work. It will also hit your opponent’s ball if you both shoot it at the same time.

Basketball Showdown can be played on the following modes: Exhibition, Season, and Playoffs. You can have a quick match on the first one while the latter two modes are set up like a tournament. These games have a grand prize of a huge amount of coins you can win. You can check the Shop for different ball designs and additional features like grip and material composition.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a basketball shooting game then you should give Basketball Showdown a try. Its different modes and designs will surely fill your need for some b-ball action. Come play a game and see how many you can shoot without ever missing a beat.