Construction Machines 2016

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Feel the experience of being the one in charge of heavy machinery, complete your jobs to earn cash, and upgrade your vehicles in Construction Machines 2016 Play Now Construction Machines 2016 large

If you’re a fan of heavy machinery, we have the best title for you and it’s called Construction Machines 2016. This game is a simulator, in which you get to use all kinds of construction vehicles like loaders, forklift trucks, excavators and more. Complete every contract you have and win lots of money to improve your company.

Construction Machines 2016 is a simulator, in which you have to work hard to earn your money. Start from the bottom with a simple loader, but climb your way to the top to be the best contractor by destroying rubbles, loading sand, taking down fences and so much more. The faster you do your job, the faster you’ll level up to have more vehicles.

If you have some spare money, use it to buy a few properties. Owning properties is important in Construction Machines 2016 because they will provide you some extra money once they’re done, but of course you will need to put some cash on them before they’re ready to produce. Don’t rush, keep the contracts coming and sooner than you think, you’ll become a magnate.

Even though it won’t affect your work too much, you can see how the weather changing each day, as sometimes it’s going to be foggy, sunny, rainy, etc. Another useful feature of this game is that it counts with two currencies, dollars and coins; since coins are the premium currency of Construction Machines 2016, they are harder to get, but you can buy them for real money and prices are actually decent.

There’s a lot to do in Construction Machines 2016, but don’t let us just tell you. Go ahead and download it right now it’s free and that’s an investment that you won’t regret.