Cut The Rope

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Follow the adventure of Om Nom in this delightful yet challenging logic puzzle game that’ll keep you hooked. Play Now Cut The Rope large

Offering entertaining gameplay that’s sure to test your puzzle-solving skills, Cut the Rope is a fascinating and highly engaging puzzle game in which you’ll be helping an adorable little frog eat candy that’s ties to ropes. The game delivers everything that puzzle genre is known for and doesn’t leave a thing to be desired so, all things considered, pretty much every puzzle game fan should be quite pleased with what this has to offer and we certainly urge players to try this game. The mechanics are a bit tricky to get the hang of but that’s not an issue as the initial tutorial explains all the basics at the start so do go through it to learn everything from the get go.

When it comes to the gameplay, Cut the Rope offers a logic-based puzzle style where you’ll be required to use your brain to solve puzzles. This is a level-based game and in each particular level, you’ll see a candy tied to several ropes and, your main task in the game will be to cut the rope in such a way that it ends up falling in the mouth of the frog. The frog will be sitting with his mouth open somewhere on the screen so it’s all about guiding the candy into his mouth. The gameplay is super fun and anyone who starts playing this game will surely find themselves glued to the screen.

The game’s longevity is amazing as you’ll have hundreds of expertly-crafted levels to play and there are also boosters that can come in handy at times. The visuals of the game are truly stunning thanks to the wonderful level designs along with sleek animations and smooth frame rates.

All in all, Cut the Rope is a tremendous puzzle game with incredible gameplay and a few other fun features that make this game worthy of trying.