Egg, Inc.

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Expand and grow your egg farm, and build an egg-pire worth gazillions in Egg, Inc.! Play Now Egg, Inc. large

Why work 9 to 5 for your employer when you can build your own egg-pire from the ground up and grow rich from selling eggs?

This is the reason behind starting Egg, Inc., and boy, you're glad that you did!

In this insanely addictive farm-themed idle game, you’ll need to tap to send your chickens from the hatchery to the coop. There, they will produce eggs over time which you can then use your transport, be it a pickup truck or a simple trike, to sell. As you play, you’ll get to expand your egg farm by, for example, adding more coops, and upgrading your buildings.

Like any self-respecting tycoon simulation game, Egg, Inc. also comes with a research system where you can invest the money you’ve made from selling eggs into hatchery, and transport upgrades so that they will become more efficient at what they do. As the value of your farm increases, you’ll be given the option to sell off your old farm and buy a new one. Although you’ll basically have to start all over, this new farm retains all unlocked epic research as well as other perks.

Despite being an idle game, Egg, Inc. has some elements of active play too. Besides the “tap to produce chickens” mechanics, there are drones that you can also tap to “shoot” down and steal the package it is carrying. The package will usually give you some cash but if you’re lucky, you might get some premium currency, golden eggs, as well.

To further increase your egg farm’s production and efficiency, the game gifts you random boosts from time to time. Some boosts, like the Quantum Warming Bulb, allows you to “summon” an unlimited number of chickens from the hatchery for a short period of time, while the range of Jimbo’s Bird Feed will boost your earning multiplier for a certain duration. You may even occasionally get some funny egg facts and news as your farm grows in size.

One of the main reasons Egg, Inc. is so popular is because the game is incredibly generous. Not only can you get a host of really nice gifts by simply logging in every day and collecting your gift from the gift calendar, the game also gives you a ton of cash and sometimes, golden eggs, for getting certain achievements. To make it easier on you, the game even has a help reminder option, so that you won’t forget to log in every day. Plus, if money is of concern, you can easily watch a video ad or two to get a nice stash of money as well.

As a freemium game, Egg, Inc. comes with an in-game shop where it sells a bunch of boosts in exchange for golden and soul eggs. You can, in turn, spend real money to buy these premium currencies.

Featuring minimalistic aesthetics, Egg, Inc. is one idle game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. The progression in this game doesn’t feel too much like a grind and it’s just plain joy to be able to actually see your egg empire grow!