Euro Truck Driver 2018

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Get behind the wheel of the most authentic truck driving simulator you can get on your mobile phone!
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Euro Truck Driver 2018 combines modern mobile phone gaming graphics with the realism of a trucker’s everyday work. Earn money by taking on transport jobs. Carry trailer after trailer across different cities all over continental Europe. You can always start with short-distance jobs, but don’t expect to make much money by completing these tasks.

The simulator aspects of the game start biting early the moment you accept work. You have to drive to the trailer and align the back of your truck to receive it. Once you’ve hit the road, there are a lot of things to look out for. There’s traffic that will make maneuvering or weaving through it a challenge. You wouldn’t want your truck to crash or crush other vehicles. You’d also have to pay attention to the speed limit and be on the lookout for the roadside policeman hailing you for an inspection.

Small roads, especially curved ones, are challenging for your trailer vehicle to move around with. Going too fast might throw you off the road, but taking it too slowly can get you stuck in traffic. It becomes even more difficult when you have uncooperative drivers getting in the way of your turning.

You’d also notice that your truck takes damage when you handle it too roughly. Those small crashes will soon form dents on the front of your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to go around in a beaten-up vehicle all the time. Fortunately, you can get your rig fixed at a repair station, but that takes quite a sum from your earnings, so try not to damage your truck too often. Another great thing is that you can change the way you drive your truck. There are four layouts where you can test to find out what’s best for you. With the hours you’d spend doing tasks, you’ll surely find the control scheme you need.

Euro Truck Driver 2018 definitely gives you tons of fun for the long haul.