Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

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Live the life of a trucker and take on jobs to deliver goods across Europe Play NowEuro Truck Evolution (Simulator) large

Turn on your engines and start driving in this realistic truck simulator and travel across Europe and many other countries. Choose among a wide variety of trucks each having its own designs. See what it’s like to handle your vehicle in different weather conditions including day and night cycles.

Select your preferred steering mode at the start of the game. Get to choose from tilting your phone, left and right buttons, and a virtual steering wheel. After that, you are ready to take a job from the list by the Warehouse. The job title, destination, distance, and reward are shown and tap on the Take button to get started. Your cargo will just be near the starting point so don’t stray too far after accepting the job. Next, connect your vehicle to your cargo and be off!

Playing with friends or random people is available on Multiplayer Mode of Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator). The options are you create your room, join others, and just find a random game. You can then choose any trucks you have at your disposal.

Check out the Shop to find a lot of features in Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator). Tapping on Change Truck shows you your current one and will also showcase the other ones available for purchase. Then there is the Upgrade Truck that lets you change parts of your vehicle depending on your liking. Take note that the purchases can be done using the money you can get as a reward for finishing jobs or by real-currency exchange via in-app purchase. You can also find the leaderboards, achievements archive, and basic information about your current truck in there.

In short, if you are looking for a realistic simulator game of driving around trucks in Europe then this one is for you. So check it out – you won’t regret it.