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Make your own happily ever after with hard work and enjoy a fun time doing chores alongside your favorite Fairy tales characters. Play Now EverMerge large

We all know the tale of the Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Paul Bunyan, but did you also know that they all live in this magical place that is currently under the spell of some evil magic? Welcome to Evermerge, a match-3, city builder fusion games that brings a new air to the most classic tales from our childhood.

Evermerge is one of those games that you can play for hours and just don’t feel the flow of time, because it is so hypnotizing that you can easily end up playing longer than you thought. If you enjoy games like Candy Crush and Town Village, then Evermerge has to be your next title on your list.

The basic mechanics of the game are pretty simple, but are a handful, since you have to help the characters, starting with Sleeping Beauty, to clear out every square of the map covered with an evil fog. In order to do that, you’ll have to cut trees, harvest candies, bake different treats, but most importantly, match equal items to make stronger items.

For example, if you match 3 logs together, you can make a stack of wood. If you match 3 stacks, you can make a little cabin. If you match 3 little cabins, you can make a big cabin and so on. Even though this sound dull and repetitive, the instant gratification, the bright colors and the never ending tasks are so amusing in a way that we’re sure many of us have experienced before.

If we have to point out something flawless about this game, it has to be the dialogs, since every character in this game has enough wit to put a smile on your face every once in a while. Overall it’s a fun game and we invite you to play it.