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Learn new words or enjoy a classic hidden objects game with this new mobile game we brought for you.
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Confusing backgrounds are common in hidden objects games, but Find Objects changes things a little bit. This game puts all the items rotated and with different sizes packed into a tiny space. You can only look for one object at a time before passing to the next one. Finally, the only clue is a word that the game will read out loud for you. So you can actually use this game to practice any language available.

If you want a hidden objects game that is perfect for amateurs, but that is also a challenge, play Find Objects. This hidden objects game will hide the items with even more items on top. Your job is to listen or read to the world that the game gives you and find the right item. There are several items repeated so you can find the same objects more than once.

The mascot of Find Objects will appear at the beginning and if you can find it before the timer runs out, you’ll have extra points. The game counts with a clock, but this just takes your time to see how long you take. If you can find the object that you are looking for, keep your eyes open because they will shake to help you notice them.

The game offers 4 different difficulties such as easy, medium, hard and insane. We can say that this game is a real challenge because of that insane difficulty. With this option, you’ll have to zoom in and out to recognize the items.

This game is a great tool for training your brain, your eyes, and other languages too. We recommend Find Objects to all our readers that enjoy hidden objects games.