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Turn yourself into the greatest detective of all time with this adorable game.
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If you thought that you were good at hidden objects games prepare for a new extreme challenge. Find'em All is a game, in which your job is to identify certain objects before the timer runs out. Even though the game looks simple, the objects requested are very elusive. Find'em All also offers you different game modes, daily rewards, extra tasks, etc.

If you’re an amateur in the hidden objects genre, Find'em All is the most wholesome way to start playing. Besides that, every level offers an easy mode for all the newcomers. But if you’re an expert, you could try the pro mode. But we have to warn you that sometimes Find'em All asks you to find a carrot and sometimes ask you to find a shapeless blue dot on the sky.

In the main chapter mode you’ll have 3 game modes such as seek, puzzle and Multi-pic. The seek option is the classical find all the objects requested and that’s it. There is also the puzzle mode, in which you’ll have to interact with the picture to make the hidden items appear. Last but not least, the multi.pic mode offers you two different stages hidden in one.

The fun doesn’t stop there, since you can also play the find the difference mode. There are many examples for you to entertain yourself, but remember that the clock is ticking. To keep you motivated, Find'em All also has the home mode, in which you can create a house. If you want to make your house look pretty, you’ll have to spend clovers. All the clovers are hidden somewhere on each level so keep your eyes open.

There are tons of things to do while you’re playing Find'em All. So if you like these kinds of games, don’t miss your chance to download Find'em All.