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Strike the ball into the top-bins as a striker or make glorious saves a goalkeeper in this entertaining game.
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Developed by Miniclip.com, Football Strike is a delightful and highly engrossing football game in which you’ll be showing off your footy skills to lead your team towards victory against worthy opponents so get ready, lace-up, and dominate the match with your amazing abilities in this fascinating game. You’ll get to learn the basics through a short and informative tutorial sequence that appears at the start of the game so if you’re not familiar with the mechanics, you’ll know pretty much everything by the end of this tutorial.

When it comes to gameplay, Football Strike offers swipe-to-shoot gameplay that’s become pretty famous in the genre and, if you’re a fan of these types of games, you’d probably be familiar with the swipe elements. There are different challenges to enjoy in this game. If you take on the free-kick challenge, you’ll have to strike the ball into the back of the net more times than your rival does. Getting back to the gameplay, you’ll have to swipe your finger across the ball, all the way towards the target where you want the ball to end up.

The game uses an online matchmaking system where you’ll be coming up against other players from around the world and due to the game’s popularity, the matchmaking takes absolutely no time and you’ll find a challenger within seconds. Other than all these amazing features, the game also features other game modes like a career mode where you can take your player on a solo journey to achieve different goals. There are other entertaining features as well like kit customization, player customization, and other things that make this game thoroughly enjoyable.

All in all, Football Strike is a spectacular game with top-of-the-line gameplay elements along with stunning visuals that are filled with enormous detail so if you’re a football fan, you should check this game out.