Forza Street

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Blaze through the hot streets of Miami at dizzying speed and make a name for yourself in Forza Street! Play NowForza Street large

Forza Street is a mobile racing game brought to you by the Microsoft Corporation. In this game, you kick start your street racing career with immersive story-driven events and high-speed cars! Take on the best racers in the racing scene and turn your garage into a trophy case of iconic racing cars! Compete in the global arena and climb the ranks to reach the top of the leader boards!

Events are an important part of the game that holds a ton of handsome rewards when you play them. At the end of most events, aside from gaining a bunch of credits and useful items, you will also get a Challenge Card for a specific number of Event score you earned. Challenge Cards are vital to your progression in the game, as you can scan them for Tuning Kits and Credits to upgrade and improve your rides!

Forza Street: Race. Collect. Compete really gets you in the mood for street racing. The camera angles are constantly changing so you can experience the race from different perspectives and get a more dynamic feel to the race! If you are a fan of racing games on the mobile platform, why not check this one out?