Hiddenverse: Dream Walker

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Indulge in a brain-teasing challenge of solving a different puzzle as you keep progressing in this delightful puzzle game that impresses on all fronts. Play Now Hiddenverse: Dream Walker large

Developed by Icestone, Hiddenverse: Dream Walker is an exceptional hidden-objects and puzzle game in which your observation skills will be tested to the fullest across various puzzling levels in order to solve a mind-bending case so get ready to immerse yourself in a frantic rollercoaster ride. Although the game is a hidden-objects game, the core gameplay mechanics are nothing like your traditional games of this genre as it offers a new thrilling experience where you’ll have to find and match two of the same looking missing objects.

As the level begins, you’ll see a lot of things scattered around the place, and your main objective in the level will be to seek and match the identical-looking items together by scrolling your mouse cursor around the screen. Upon matching the items, you’ll those objects disappearing from the screen and you’ll have to clear the entire field to finish a level. Along with these compelling seek and match levels, you’ll also get to enjoy several other puzzles in the game such as memory games, jigsaw puzzles, sliding puzzles, and a few other fun-filled games that’ll keep you glued to the screen.

Since the game gets a little difficult as you progress, you’ll be able to get assistance from the computer by using the hint button so if you’re ever stuck or find yourself in a position where you just cannot find the missing item, make sure you make full use of this hint feature. The visuals of the game are absolutely top-quality thanks to the massively detailed levels along with stunning animations that make the gameplay so much more amusing.

Overall, Hiddenverse: Dream Walker is a tremendous game with an abundance of mind-boggling levels and puzzles so if you’re looking for a fun game to play, make sure you try this one.