Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales

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Let the magic enter your life and become the mightiest witch that history has ever seen.
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The dark arts hide many secrets, but there is one way to discover them all. Finding a powerful master able to guide you on the path of magic and that’s exactly what Alice is looking for. Your job is to help the magician novice Alice to become a skilled witch. Sound hard, but the only thing that you will have to do is pair matching objects fast enough.

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales is a matching game, but with magic and gothic theme. Your goal is to clear the screen that is full of different elements of witchcraft. Match magical jewels, potions, creatures, weapons, and more to help Alice be a witch. But not everything is about Alice since you also have your own haunted mansion. Earn stars on each level and tidy up your new house.

Since everything here works with sorcery, you can use magic to improve your matching. If you want to freeze the timer, you can use the ice potion and have a little bit more time. If you can’t find the next match, release the fireflies that will give you a hint. Everything in Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales is full of a charming dark aura that you'll enjoy.

Thanks to the music, the graphics, and the plot, you can actually feel that you are now in a wizarding world. Even though the game is entertaining, it does need a few micro-transactions when you want to play a lot. Since you’ll need the energy to play levels, you’ll have to wait until you have enough energy points. Of course, you can always pay and solve things up; after all, money is like magic in the real world.

If you’re looking for a bite-sized matching game with great graphics, Hiddenverse is your game. Put on your pointy hat, get on your broom and start enjoying this great title.