House of Secrets

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Solve the most puzzling levels and find all the objects missing in this mysterious house.
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House of Secrets is the classic hidden object game with more than 25 chaotic levels. There are over 100 items hidden in this house and it is your job to find them. But don’t be so confident, since they are almost invisible. If you do accept this challenge, remember that you will have to run against the timer to beat each level.

If you like hidden games, get ready to face this new challenge called House of Secrets. This is the perfect game for all casual gamers that are looking to exercise their brains. There are no complex stages, crazy power-ups, or intricate plots; just a simple and relaxing game. All the levels are hand-drawn, which makes House of Secrets even more immersive.

You can select 3 different game modes, in which you can choose to use images, silhouettes, or words as hints. If you are not able to find that last flashlight and the clock keeps ticking, you can use the hint button. There are a lot of things on every level, so you better keep your eyes open for all the hidden items.

The stunning beauty of each level and the wonderful music is the perfect combination. Also, levels are actually huge and you have to swipe the screen to scroll and visualize the whole picture. Some objects blend in a background of the same color, so they might be a little bit hard to spot in the first place too.

Even though House of Secrets is simple, this is what makes it perfect and soothing. The option to switch between illustrations, silhouettes, and words is pretty great. So if you are looking for a calming mystery game, you have to check House of Secrets.