Hunting Clash

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The open season is now and you better prepare your rifle because we’re going hunting in Hunting Clash Play Now Hunting Clash large

Hunting Clash is a hunting simulator, in which you’ll be visiting the most beautiful hunting zones to catch a big prey. Get ready to feel like a true sniper, as you have to follow the track of ferocious beasts such as wolves, bears and some harmless ducks too. But the fun doesn’t end here, since you can participate in tournaments and events, win cash to upgrade your weapons and you’re bait cards.

If you think that you have seen a game like Hunting Clash before, you might be wrong, since there’s nothing like this next generation hunting simulator. First of all, the graphics are great and the animations are better; the sound effects are realistic and the whole gameplay that involves cards that you can upgrade to have better chances of catching a big prey are just so innovative.

While hunting for your own might be really entertaining, you can also test your talent against other players in online events and tournaments to see who has the best skills. Each event is based on a mission, since you have to achieve a specific task in the best way to win. If you want it to make it more personal, you can also play in PvP fights against people all over the world.

Unless you like being a solitary wolf, you can always join a hunting clan. Hunting clans are special groups inside Hunting Clash, in which you can upload your records to help your clan reach the top of the leaderboards.

Even though we don’t like hunting in real life too much, we absolutely adore Hunting Clash, as the graphics and gameplay are so good that it’s our responsibility to recommend it for everyone out there.