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Solve the most intricate puzzles and have fun finding the right order of your pieces.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Free is a puzzle collection created for all jigsaw enthusiasts. Since most of the puzzles are locked, you’ll have to work hard and put the pieces together to keep playing. There is no timer and no penalties, just you and your puzzles isn’t that great? If you want to win more coins and create a better challenge, you can select the 100 pieces jigsaw.

The gameplay of Jigsaw Puzzle Free is pretty basic, but it’s still everything we need. You start with one free jigsaw puzzle and every time that you complete one, you get coins. If you want a quick puzzle, select the 25 pieces option, sit back and relax. You also have the 49 and the 100 pieces of option for a more intense experience.

The best part about these pieces is that they grapple when they’re near enough. A good way to solve these fast is putting all the pieces in a tiny space, that way they will lock on their own. If you want to move an entire section that is already armed, you can do it without trouble. This simplifies the job by a lot.

The gallery of puzzles is beautiful since you can find all kinds of eye-catching pictures. Most of the puzzles are not available at first, you can unlock them with coins. They’re not expensive though, as each one of them costs 1000 coins. Finally, the music and the sound effects create the perfect environment.

If you’re stressed and you’re looking for a way to calm down, give these puzzles a chance. Jigsaw Puzzle Free is a soothing activity that anybody could do at home so go ahead and try it.