June's Journey - Hidden Objects

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Be ready for a thrilling ride filled with action, adventure, romance, and a load of hidden objects in June’s Journey! Play Now June's Journey - Hidden Objects large

June’s Journey - Hidden Objects isn’t an unfamiliar name in the world of hidden object games. This is set in the 1920s, where you’ll share the view with June, a sleuth of sorts out to uncover some well-hidden family secrets. There’s a ton more to uncover as you progress through the game, but that’s all a matter of finding it out yourself.

Playing the game itself demands you to be quick on your sights and fingers. You’ll activate a score multiplier when you’re able to reveal several hidden items in a row. Be on the lookout for special items that will help you advance the story. Completing a scenario is gauged on the number of stars you’ve earned. A 5-star score is the highest you can get. It sounds daunting for first-timers, but don’t worry. You can replay a stage until you max it out. Completing levels rewards you with Star Boxes. Think of them as the regular loot boxes, but with items that can help you in other ways.

Apart from the main story, there are a lot of other things to do in June’s Journey. There’s restoring the estate, where you purchase all manner of buildings and décor to beautify the neglected domain. You might wonder where to get building materials in a hidden object game. The answer is simple: play the levels and you’ll get these at random. There are no pre-made positions with every component you buy, so you’re given free rein to make your most eye-catching layouts and designs. Events are typically leaderboards-style content that puts you in a scoring race with other active players. Make the best of it to get the best possible rewards based on your item-finding skills.

Summing things up, June's Journey - Hidden Objects' retro visuals may fit in a few niches, but the gameplay loved by hidden object game fans is something you’d consider trying out yourself.