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Dress to impress in a stunning virtual fashion game where you can own the catwalk in this brilliant fashion game, Lady Popular!
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Enter the competitive world of fashion and supermodels and conquer the fashion catwalks in this popular fashion game – Lady Popular! Doll up your avatar with hot new outfits, bags, shoes, and accessories from the store. Sport the latest hairstyle and get the best make-up for your avatar. You could also get tattoos or hennas for your character before hitting the catwalk.

You'll want to make sure your popularity statistics, which consist of 6 important criteria – style, creativity, devotion, beauty, generosity and loyalty, are as high as possible as well. These points can be trained for a price and that price will be scaled up every time you train, or you can do activities that relate to each of these individual criteria to earn extra points. For instance, to earn style points, you just needed to shop for new clothes or accessories at the stores, while you can buy new furniture for your home to earn creativity points. Having high popularity statistics is very important to win duels at the Fashion Arena, so be sure to keep increasing your popularity statistics!

Looking to turn a quick buck before hitting the shops, well, you will need to head over to the mini-games section. There are many games for you to choose from, such as Sudoku, mastermind, Simon says, connect the dots, concentration and many other. Games at higher difficulty will usually earn you more money but you have to be sure that you can nail the game on the first go! This is because you can only earn money from each of the mini-games once per day.

There is also a longer way for you to earn money in Lady Popular – by working, of course! At FTV Jobs, you are given 5 career paths to choose from, but since you’re a beginner, you will start off with 1 career first and you can work your way up from there. You can set how long you would like to work, and of course, the longer you work, the more money you will earn.

With increased popularity stats, especially after your whirlwind of shopping, you are definitely ready to take on the Fashion Arena! Search for a compatible opponent – it’ll be fashion suicide to try to take on players who are way above you in level – and start duelling! In every duel, 3 of your popularity stats will be randomly selected and compared with your opponent’s. If your stats are higher by a minimum of 2 out of 3 stats, you will win the round. There are 3 rounds in total and at the end, the person with the most rounds won is the winner and may win up to thousands of dollars (in-game money) along with some experience points.

However, one of the most interesting features in Lady Popular is definitely the part where you flirt with and date the guy of your dreams. Head over to the clubs to check out the various attractive guys that hang out at the place. Different clubs will have different types of clientele, for example, Club Pulse caters to athletes while Club Stars is the favourite hangout spot for male celebs. After you managed to get into a relationship with one of the guys, you can interact with him by calling him or going out on dates with him.

If you are the perfect girlfriend, he will give you a present once the affection meter fills up. Each guy has a maximum of 3 presents to give you. Once you’ve collected them all, you can get a beautiful dress as a gift! Furthermore, if you reached the maximum level on the affection meter with a guy, the guy in question may even ask you to marry him!

In short, Lady Popular is a fun-filled, browser-based fashion game to play! It has plenty of hot outfits and accessories on offer at the mall, along with nice-looking furniture and cute pets. You can also decorate your apartment home in Lady Popular After you’re done strut your stuff at the catwalk and put every other contestant to shame, you could even decorate your 6-roomed apartment (with a balcony!) with various home décor from the shop.