Love Tester

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Find your soul mate and calculate the intensity of your relationship in this exciting casual game that’ll leave you amazed. Play Now Love Tester large

Developed by Famobi, Love Tester is a delightful casual game that lets you calculate the love between you and your loved one through a simple love calculator in which you’ll have to put a few details about each other so if you’re willing to quantify the intensity of love between you and your heart-throb, you’ll love what this game has to offer. The gameplay is pretty straight-forward and the calculator works without requiring any personal or detailed information about you and the other person.

As the game begins, you’ll simply have to fill in a few details such as names, date of birth, and a few other basic things in the blank boxes about yourself and the person you want to calculate your relationship with. Once you enter the details, you’ll press the start button upon which the calculator will start analyzing and will provide you with an answer within a few seconds. Along with the results, the game also includes an innovative feature that can help you improve your relationship with the other person with the help of advice so if you think you lack a certain thing when it comes to making your other half feel better, the game will help you in that aspect as well. The visuals are exactly how you’d expect them to be for a game like this but the animations and romantic background make the graphics a lot more appealing.

All said and done, Love Tester is a charming and fun-to-play game and will certainly provide you with lots of entertainment which makes this game worthy of trying.