Mahjong Seasons

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Enjoy this ancestral game in the most modern way with this new and entertaining title.
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Mahjong Seasons is a new way to play mahjong on your mobile device; lean back, open the app and relax. This eastern game is about matching identical tiles to make them disappear. But you have to make sure that these tiles have at least one side free to use them. Plan ahead and never run out of combinations.

In the original mahjong game there are 4 tiles that represent the seasons, but here you’ll have to play in the seasons. You start your journey in spring and all the tiles have a spring theme. Each season contains 50 different levels with different levels of difficulty. If you complete one level with good time and lots of points you can win up to 3 stars.

If you make your combinations quick, you’ll have a boost that could multiply your points up to 5 times their value. Even though you have 50 levels per season, you can use your stars to buy other seasons. Summer, fall, and winter are also waiting for you, but the only way to unlock those is with stars. Since sometimes you might run out of combinations, the game offers you to watch an ad to rearrange them.

You can also start over, but remember to plan ahead of your game this time. Mahjong Seasons offers eye-catching graphics with lots of colors on every level. The music and the sound effect are also great because they help you relax while you play. Even though it has great gameplay and atmosphere, the number of ads might be a little overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a calm game after a hard day of work, we recommend you to play a few levels of Mahjong Seasons.