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Experience a new and exciting way to solve the most enigmatic mahjong riddles ever with this great version of an old game.
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Mahjong solitaire it’s really a soothing way to enjoy mahjong and luckily we can find a lot of these titles online, but none of these it’s as exciting and innovative as Mahjongg Dimensions. This is a 3D version of the classic Asian game, in which the rules are the same, but the design and gameplay change a little to become a little bit more stimulating.

Mahjongg Dimensions it’s a mahjong solitaire game, in which the gamer has to face a new gameplay style, since here we found 3D sculptures made of tiles that you have to match to make them disappear and deconstruct the sculpture. If the right and left side of the tile are occupied by another tile, then you can’t pair it with another one and you have to find another match available.

Even though the images and the shapes of the tiles are different from the classic mahjong, the rules and gameplay of Mahjongg Dimensions are the same as usual. Use your mouse to highlight the tile that you want and it would appear on the corner of the screen so you can remember which tile you highlighted even if you’re not seeing, which is really useful with this 3D gameplay.

Finally, a great tool of this game is the shuffle button, since you can press them as many times as you want if you feel like there are no more possible matches for you. if this doesn’t sound challenging enough for you, let us tell you that there’s a timer too and the idea is for you to beat as many levels as you can before the timer runs out.

Mahjongg Dimensions it’s a new way to play that mahjong lovers should try at least once to spice things up a little bit.