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Rampage through different maps and take down the evil monsters in this electrifying action-shooter game.
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Offering action-filled gameplay where there’s never a moment to breathe, Mr Autofire is a superb and highly engaging action-shooter game in which you’ll be taking on the role of a brave soldier who has to save the earth from destruction by taking down monsters who have invaded planet earth and plan to destroy it. The game feels highly reminiscent of iconic shooting games of the past and this is why it comes highly recommended from us for anyone who wants a high-end gameplay experience that they can enjoy in the comfort of their phones. The game also features an instructive tutorial sequence for the new ones so if you’re not familiar with the basics, going through the tutorial is advised.

The gameplay offers a truly intense side-scrolling shooting experience in which there never seems to be a dull moment. The game consists of different campaigns for you to go through and each campaign has its own series of missions. The gameplay revolves around shooting your way through waves upon waves of foes and the best part about the game is the fact that it doesn’t just offer mindless shooting in which you can simply spam fire your way to the end of each mission. Instead, you’ll have to time each individual enemy’s attacks and dodge them accordingly so that you can safely return fire without taking damage and this leads to some pretty dynamic gameplay that’s highly enjoyable.

Another major highlight of the game is the fact that it consists of multiple heroes for players to choose from and every single hero feels unique to play because they all have their own distinct weapons as well as special abilities that players can use to obliterate foes. The visuals of the game perfectly complement the gameplay. The levels are designed with detail and stunning artwork and, alongside this, the smooth frame rates and sleek animations make the overall experience so much better.

Overall, Mr Autofire is a fantastic action-shooting game with exceptional gameplay along with a few other superb in-game features that make this game worthy of trying for everyone.