Mystery Tales 5

Mystery Tales 5 thumb
Uncover the dark and ghostly secrets of the town and stop the evil witch in this captivating hidden-object game that impresses on all fronts. Play Now Mystery Tales 5 large

Developed by Domini Games, Mystery Tales 5 is another incredible installment of the popular Mystery Tale series in which the plot gets even more intriguing as you’ll be putting your detective skills to the test to solve a brain-teasing case that involves an evil witch so gear up to enjoy this thrilling game that never ceases to amaze. The game begins with an informative tutorial in which you’ll be briefed about the gameplay mechanics and, you’ll also get to know the backstory regarding the game so make sure you go through the tutorial.

The gameplay mechanics of Mystery Tales 5 aren’t too dissimilar to traditional games of this genre but what makes this game a masterpiece is that, along with its thrilling gameplay, the game also features an absorbing storyline and, you’ll get to enjoy tons of amazing side puzzles, riddles, and quests that’ll make sure you never get enough of this game so it’s safe to say that this isn't your ordinary hidden-objects game. The game also features bonus stages and games in which you’ll get to monitor the situation of the witch even more closely so pay close to small details if you want to solve the case.

To aid you on your missions, the game also features a hint button that can be utilized whenever you’re stuck at a certain point. In terms of visuals, the game is nothing less than delightful thanks to the stunning level designs and locations along with creative animations that make the gameplay a lot more thrilling.

All in all, Mystery Tales 5 is a remarkable hidden-objects game with a long list of amazing features and challenging quests so if you like playing these games, you’ll love this one.