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Remember the old days of Game & Watch with this epic simulator of a classic mobile game.
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Mobile gaming is actually old if you consider the oldest mobile consoles such as LCD video games. Back in the days there used to be a bunch of these with different games and styles. Even though the gameplay is beyond simple, it was a real piece of work for its time. One of the most beloved ones was the parachute and now you can play it again on your phone.

Parachute is the simulator of an LCD video game, in which you have to rescue skydivers from starving sharks. Since it’s a simulation of a vintage game, the controls are pretty simple. You only have a left direction button and a right direction button to move your boat and save the stickmen. Calculate the fall and place yourself in the right spot to help your partners.

Even though all the mechanics of the game sound too easy, it’s actually a challenge once you reach a certain score. If you make it to 20 or more, you’ll notice how the stickmen start to fall faster. It all depends on your reflexes, as you can rely on your eyes with this type of game. Remember that after feeding 3 sharks the game is over and you have to start again.

The game also gives you other choices of buttons such as the sound, the pause button, and the help button. Once your game is over, Parachute will save your highest record. Challenge yourself and other players to see who can save more skydivers.

The sharks are waiting, are you going to be able to stop the death of your friends? Prove yourself that you are the best at retro gaming with Parachute.