Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects

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Uncover the mysteries of Artemis Island with your clue-seeking and object-finding skills in Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects. Play Now Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects large

This game is one of Wooga’s powerhouse titles, along with “June’s Journey” and “Switchcraft”. Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects puts you in the perspective of a socialite whose fancy lifestyle was ground to a sudden halt upon the death of a family member. Pearl is rushed into picking clues, meeting friends and foes, and exploring the many mysteries of Artemis Island.

Gameplay-wise, you’ll go through the narrative in stages. A stamina system is used here and costs a good fraction of it per run. It won’t be long before you need to log out and wait until the gauge is full. Levels are presented as static environments with a slew of objects scattered and hidden all over. How well you did in these levels is measured in scores and stars. Finding objects in quick succession activates a score multiplier. Stages are made to be replayed, so take advantage of the multiplier to reduce the number of repeats needed. You gain a star for reaching a new score threshold. This also triggers an event where you’ll need to find key items that will act as clues for the next story leg.

Pearl’s Peril also features some sim elements in the form of designing and building Artemis Island. There are no prescribed layouts to follow and you can purchase and build as many decorations are the space can hold. More areas are unlocked the more stages are completely mastered. New buildings and decorations to construct can be acquired by either buying some from the shop or acquiring achievements.

There are other activities to look forward to, such as login and limited events. Many of them are leaderboard scoring events meant to keep you playing for top ranks. There are activities that are beyond hidden object searches, such as solving jigsaw puzzles. Rewards earned through these can help you in beautifying or rebuilding Artemis Island.

In conclusion, Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects is great for short, quick, but intense bursts of brain stimulation.