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Master the art of chopping in the kitchen with this satisfying game.
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Perfect Slices is an offline hypercasual game brought to you by Say Games Ltd. Pick up the kitchen knife and start chopping away at the ingredients you need to prepare. Cut your way to a successful cooking business with various knives and grates. Worried about getting bored with just chopping veggies? Why not try your hand at chopping gold bars, too? There is no end to the amount of things you can chop, and the best part is you will get rewards for your hard work with generous rewards.

The core gameplay of Perfect Slices is a simple casual game with minimal controls and mechanics. To put it simply, you tap and hold on the screen to make the knife commence the chopping motion and cut up the ingredients that are coming towards you on the conveyor belt. The goal is to fill up the progress bar at the top center of the screen, and making use of the fever gauge lets you increase your score even faster. You can gain and increase your fever gauge by chopping ingredients in quick succession, but pausing in between will gradually decrease the bar. The longer you hold down to chop, the quicker the knife moves. But be careful not to chop the boards or metal sheets, or they will stop you in your tracks.

By completing the levels, you can unlock new ingredients that will appear in the subsequent levels. To the left side of your screen, players will find a tab that shows you missions which will reward you with coins after you complete them. These coins are used to unlock a plethora of knife skins from the shop, as well as grates that will also be used in levels further down the line. The shop is also where you can unlock new background themes to change things up and give the game a fresh new look.

To sum it all up, Perfect Slices is the ideal hypercasual game for those who are looking to kill some time with a game that does not require an internet connection. Head on over to the Google Playstore and get this one for free now.