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Challenge your bouncing and hitting skills in this block-busting app for mobile devices!
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Piffle is a block breaker puzzle game for mobile devices.

You’re going to guide Piffle in rescuing its friend, Waffles, from the nefarious Doc Block. Of course, no sane villain isn’t going to try and stop you. This means you’ll have to deal with horde after horde of Blocks the doc has dispatched to stop you dead in your tracks.

This is a block breaker game, where your tools of polygonal destruction are cute cat-like creatures called Piffle Balls. You’ll be bouncing them all over the stage to hit blocks and remove them from the field. Blocks take a number of hits before going down, meaning you’ll have to strike them more than once to clear them. The game ends when one of the Blocks lands on the ground.

There is a lot of bouncing going on here, meaning you’ll need a lot of Piffle Balls to ensure that any move is going to clear a lot of the offensive cubes. You can find more Piffle Balls by hitting them on the stage. See that kitty head icon? Hit it and you recruit a new projectile to bolster your firepower. There will come a time when the default Piffle Ball won’t pack enough punch. No worries, a game feature that lets you create more potent projectiles will open to you once you get far enough.

Your enemies come in different forms. Cubes, triangles, and all manner of shapes each have their unique traits. These can either make them difficult to remove from play or contribute to your cause. It is your job to properly guide the Piffle Balls take advantage of stage elements, such as Kaboom Blocks, to quickly overcome levels.

Content is presented as a gauntlet of stages: a popular format among puzzle apps. How well you’ve done a stage is graded based on the score you’ve earned for the round. A 3-star clear is the highest you can attain once you’ve hit the required numbers.

To conclude, Piffle is a simple game with enough puzzle challenges to draw you in for hours.