PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes

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Put on your superhero costumes and get ready to save the day! Play Now PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes large

Put on your superhero costumes and get ready to save the day!

Have fun with the addicting infinite runner game of PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes. Choose among three characters to prowl the rooftops at night and collect orbs and power-ups. Play with family and friends as the game offers themes and content appropriate for preschoolers. The kid-friendly graphics are in 2D and the colors used are vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. The animation is smooth and the background music is lively and exciting.

In PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes, you can use three different characters each with their own world setting, skills, and power-ups. Your goal is to clear the stages by getting from the starting position to the endpoint and get orbs as much as you can while avoiding obstacles you find along the way. You can also obtain golden amulets to increase your final score while colored one gives a unique boost to each of the characters.

Select Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as your Moonlight Heroes and enjoy the different game mechanics and environment each of them has. The first one in blue leaps from one rooftop to another and over obstacles like exhaust pipes, and air-conditioners. Getting power-up grants you additional speed and higher jumping ability to let you take orbs in hard to reach places. Soar high with Owlette and fly above buildings and enemy traps. When you get a red amulet, your flying prowess will be boosted and you can move faster and get more elevation. The last one wears green and climbs the walls of buildings like a Gekko and jumps from one to another to avoid balconies and traps. If you power him up, he can smash the obstacles along the way and make through anything in his path.

All in all, PJ Masks™: Moonlight Heroes is a great game to keep your kids busy and entertained and their kid-safe features allow parents to have peace of mind. So give it a try and enjoy!