Fire Balls 3D

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Break the tower down with precise shooting in this captivating game that’ll keep you coming back for more. Play Now Fire Balls 3D large

Offering immersive gameplay with a unique shooting style, Fire Balls 3D is a tremendous and highly gripping game in which you’ll be required to shoot down massive towers without making contact with the revolving shields. The core gameplay is fairly simple and doesn’t come with any over-the-top features instead focuses on implementing the basics with absolute perfection so if you’re on the lookout for fun-to-play and a challenging game, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers a fast-paced and engrossing shooter gameplay with simple tap-to-shoot mechanics that you’ll easily get a hang of. As the level begins, you’ll see a gigantic tower right in front of you with revolving shields around it. You’ll have a shooting canon placed at a distance from the tower. Your main task in the game will be to bring down the tower by shooting at its lowest plate one by one. It’s worth remembering that the revolving shields are there to protect it so if you don’t make the right shot and instead end up hitting them, you’ll have to start over.

If you successfully bring down the whole tower, you’ll progress to the next stage. To shoot the bullets, you simply have to tap on the shooting canon and, if a chance comes up, you can even shoot multiple bullets by long-pressing the canon but it’s a bit risky so you better make the right move. The visuals of the game are also quite spectacular thanks to the colorful and lively level designs along with smooth frame rates and creative animations that make the gameplay so much more enjoyable.

All in all, Fire Balls 3D is a stunning game with top-notch gameplay, a massive level collection, and a few other enticing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying.