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Unravel the mysteries surrounding a ghost town in this enthralling hidden-objects game that’ll provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment. Play Now Ravenhill large

We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of other hidden object games at: https://www.apps-4-free.com/meta/genres/hidden_object_games_list

Developed by MYTONA, Ravenhill is a top-tier hidden-objects game in which you’ll be filling the shoes of a hardworking, clever detective as he sets out on a mission to solve a list of thrilling cases and find answers to some truly mind-boggling questions that have left the people baffled so gear up and solve each case by paying close attention to small details. The core gameplay mechanics of this game are pretty much the same as any other game of this genre but what makes this game exceptional is that, along with its intriguing gameplay, you’ll get to enjoy a vast variety of other amusing features and aspects such as mini-games, absorbing plot to get you hyped, valuable rewards that can help you along the journey, and several other fun features that’ll make sure you don’t ever get bored.

Each level takes place at an enormously detailed and wonderful location where you’ll see lots of things placed around and your main objective in each level will be to find the required number of hidden items. Once you find an item, it’ll be added to your inventory list but that won’t be an easy objective as the game features a long list of puzzling levels that’ll leave you confused.

Along with these puzzling levels, you’ll also be playing bonus puzzles and games such as match-3 levels, memory games, and numerous other entertaining side games to keep things fresh for you. The visuals of the game are absolutely top-notch and, to make the gameplay even more amusing, the game features relaxing and fitting background music according to each level’s setting.

Overall, Ravenhill is a marvelous hidden-objects game with plenty of amazing in-game features and mind-boggling levels so if you’re looking for a fun game to play, check this one out.