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Test your throwing skills and get the sausage safely across the finish line.
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Sausage Flip is an offline casual game brought to you by Madbox. The fire is lit and the grill is getting heated up. It is time for the sausage to make a break for it before it is cooked. Take a leap of faith and reach for salvation across the gap. You will be the witness to this sausage’s grand adventure to escape its predetermined fate. But be careful, for gravity is not a kind mistress to a frail little frankfurter that misses the other side and falls straight to its doom.

The core gameplay of Sausage Flip is a hypercasual game where you flip a stick of sausage to reach a designated goal. The controls are pretty basic - tap and drag towards the direction you want to flip the sausage to, and release to let it fly. Along the way, you will find various shapes and surfaces that the sausage can stick onto. From there, you can catapult the sausage again to move on and reach the destination.

There are a bunch of cool and interesting skins that you can unlock for the sausage. Some skins can be unlocked simply by playing and completing a certain number of levels, while others are considered “premium” and are unlocked by watching ads. This seems to be optional, so you can ignore that part entirely if you do not mind it.

Moving on to the technical side of things, the graphics of Sausage Flip are charming with the adorable sausage with the googly eyes. The skins for the sausage also give the game an extra element of uniqueness with the creativity of the various appearances.

To sum it all up, Sausage Flip is a cute little hypercasual game that you can jump into no matter if you have an internet connection, as you can play it offline as well. Head on over to the Google Playstore to get this one for free now.