Sky Raptor: Space Invaders

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Become the best pilot of the sky raptor squad and help save the earth from undesired visitors.
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Sky Raptor is the modernized version of those retro space shooters that we love so much. If you like endless space shooters, get ready to join a prodigious squad assembled to save the earth. Find enhancers, upgrade your ship, buy new weapons and destroy the enemy before they destroy us. Are you ready to become the greatest hero of Earth?

The year is 2050 and a new threat has arrived from outer space, but humans won’t stand by with their hands on their waist. You are now a great pilot in an interplanetary war, in which you’ll have to use your spaceship to defend the Earth. Sky Raptor: Space Invaders is like other endless space shooters, but with many game modes.

For example, you have the classic arcade mode, in which you pass levels. You also have the boss mode, in which you fight all the bosses that you have defeated. Other great modes are survival and of course the multiplayer mode. That’s right, you can challenge people online to see who the best pilot of the world is.

At first, you can only play in the easy mode, but as you advance, there will be more difficulties to face. Sky Raptor also offers an online community, in which you can join groups to get special rewards. Talking about rewards, levels have special tasks that will give you extra rewards.

Sky Raptor: Space Invaders currently offers more than 100 levels and that is on the arcade mode only. If you like space shooters in which you have to dodge thousands of bullets, this is your game right here. Take a shot with this new interplanetary adventure called Sky Raptor: Space Invaders.