Slither - Worm Master

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Make swift moves around the level and help your snake grow as big as it can in this delightful strategy game. Play NowSlither - Worm Master large

Offering unique and immersive gameplay, Slither – Worm Master is a fabulous and highly engaging strategy-based game in which you’ll be required to help your snake survive out in the open with other deadly snakes by making swift moves and eating worms to help the snake grow bigger. The gameplay is quite simple but it’s highly captivating so if you’re on the lookout for a game that you can easily get into and enjoy for hours upon hours, look no further because this game is exactly what you’ve been looking for as it delivers on all fronts.

You’ll be briefed about the basics through an instructive tutorial sequence that comes at the start of the game so if you’re a newcomer, you should pay close attention to the tutorial. When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers a survival style setting in which it’ll be up to you to navigate through the playing field and keep consuming the glowing lights in your path in order to grow in size but, at the same time, you’ll also have to avoid other players as running into someone head first will cause you to lose all your progress. It’s also worth mentioning that you can bait others into colliding with you if you move carefully and precisely and doing so will allow you to make quite a bit of progress so it’s a risky but usually worthwhile maneuver.

There’s an attack button that allows your snake to go for the other snakes’ tail and that’s the best place to attack if you want to eliminate them. The visuals of the game are also quite stunning thanks to the amazing level designs, creative snake designs, along fluid animations that make the gameplay so much more enjoyable.

All said and done, Slither – Worm Master is a spectacular strategy game with top-notch gameplay along with a few other amusing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying for everyone.