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Smash everything in your path and take a soothing journey through another dimension in this gripping arcade game.
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Smash Hit is a terrific and highly addicting casual arcade game that’s designed for players who’re on the hunt for a simple yet truly captivating game that can keep them hooked for countless hours with its remarkable gameplay. The game doesn’t attempt to innovate or go over-the-top by any means or in any department but it does feature a gameplay that’s quite gripping so if you’re looking for something casual yet challenging to kill your time, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this game. The learning curve is a little complicated so there’s a short tutorial for the new players in case they need some help with basics and other essentials.

Moving on to the gameplay, Smash Hit is one of those games that seems simple and boring at the start but once you start playing them, you just simply cannot get enough. This is an endless runner type game where you don’t exactly run but the concept is the same as you’ll see yourself moving towards various obstacles in the game and, using your large metallic balls that can be thrown, you’ll need to keep clearing your path to ensure you don’t end up colliding into a an obstacle. The further you go, the more score you’ll have but if you end up colliding, you’ll need to start over.

The game also lets you enhance your score by shooting balls at emeralds and diamonds that are placed at random locations across the level so shoot them down to further increase your score and to acquire power-ups. The graphics of the game are spectacular as well thanks to the imaginative level designs that feature stunning art work and sleek animations.

Overall, Smash Hit is a sublime casual arcade game that features incredible gameplay that’s sure to keep players hooked for countless hours.