Solitaire Classic

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Stack up your cards in the right sequence within the shortest possible time to become the ultimate solitaire king in this exciting solitaire game. Play NowSolitaire Classic large

Solitaire Classic is a tremendous card game with a sleek interface and a traditional solitaire gameplay in which you’ll be taking on the responsibility of arranging the scattered cards starting from the ace to the king so show off your card skills and complete the layout as quickly as you can in this addictive solitaire game. As mentioned earlier, the gameplay mechanics of Solitaire Classic are pretty similar to traditional solitaire games and it’s a really fun to play game overall mainly because the game does a terrific job of executing all the elements that these games are known for.

As the game begins, you’ll see a fresh layout of cards scattered on the screen in different columns and your main objective in the game would be to give these cards a sequence from ace to the king. Although you’re not up against any opponent or a challenger in the game, what makes the game competitive is that it drives you to beat your own personal best and makes you want to beat your own high score so if you’re a true solitaire fan, you’d want to stack up your cards in the least possible time. The game also features an undo button that allows you to reverse your move so if you’re stuck at a point and want to plan your moves again, you can undo your previous moves and go again. The visuals of the game are also pretty decent thanks to the sleek interface along with a vibrant color scheme that’s used in levels.

All said and done, Solitaire Classic is a tremendous solitaire game with addictive gameplay so if you’re a fan of the genre, check this game out.