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Have a ton of fun making a mess out of the room in this wacky game.
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Spill It! Is a casual puzzle game brought to you by tastypill. Ever had the impulse to just let loose and break everything in the house? Have a blast wrecking the room without the bothersome need to clean everything up afterward! Grab a hold of the perfect-sized ball and set it sailing through the air before crashing into the delicate glasses. Of course, they would be filled with liquid, so use your brains and figure out how to spill every single drop out of the glasses.

The core gameplay of Spill It! Is a puzzle game where the gimmick is to tip all the glasses over in a way that spills out all of the liquid inside. The concept is simple, yet the gameplay is oddly satisfying and challenging enough to be addictive. At the start of each level, you will receive a few colorful balls to use one by one in order to hit the glasses that are located at certain spots in the level. The trick is to spill all the liquid in the glasses before you run out of balls to throw. If you pay close enough attention to the level, you can even figure out ways to tip over the glasses with just one throw!

Clearing the levels means you will be rewarded. From the main menu, you can access the in-game shop where a bunch of stuff is up for sale. Purchase a variety of skins for the balls to liven things up even more. You can also buy things like different background themes and many new stuff that are sure to come with future updates.

To sum it all up, Spill It! Is a pretty fun puzzle game to spend some time with when you are taking a breather during a busy day. Since it is available for offline play, you can jump into it at any place and at any time. Head on over to Google Playstore and get this one for free now.