State of Survival

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Fight off the undead and try to survive a post-apocalyptic world of destruction and mayhem. Play Now State of Survival large

Come and have some fun trying to build and defend your settlement against the zombies in the State of Survival. You can enjoy different types of strategic encounters as you seek to expand and explore the world outside of your base. Its graphics features cool art and animation which has awesome combat scenes as well as the environment and building designs. You also get unique character traits and voices to add more to the immersion of the world.

The State of Survival has several kinds of settings you can experience when playing the game. There is the base builder feature which lets you construct buildings with different purposes such as resource generation or training of various troops. You also get to defend the settlement when you are being stormed by a horde of zombies so you need to upgrade your walls and have a sufficient army supply. Another mode is the exploration or invasion type where you use your heroes to go out on their own to take over a certain building and expand your territory. This is an exciting combat scenario that lets you utilize their skills so you won’t be overwhelmed by the enemy so strategy and proper character positioning are important here. You also get to use your heroes and troops to attack a cluster of zombies and rescue some survivors. The battles here are automatic and it would depend on your overall combat power if you succeed or not. The cherry on top is that all these modes mesh up well which makes it very engaging.

To end, State of Survival is an awesome game for those who like zombies, base-building, strategy, and action. There are a lot of features you can utilize to strengthen your characters and your settlement with various upgrades and enhancements. So come and check it out now and see if you got what it takes to survive.