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The Sims Mobile is virtual world-slash-life sim game that seems to combine the best social aspects of virtual worlds like Second Life with the life sim aspects of The Sims FreePlay.

In this game, you'll get to create your own avatar - an in-game persona who you can craft to your own likeness or to what you envisioned yourself to be. Similar to other games in the genre, there are plenty of customization options available. You get to select from a huge variety of hairstyles, facial colors, nose sizes, stylish clothing, cool accessories and the like. The options are endless and you get to unlock more as you level up in the game by completing quests. You will also have to take care of your avatar’s health needs like eating, resting, hygiene and more. As you complete quests and level up in the game, you also get to win many achievements and titles that can reward you massively in the game.

Being a virtual world, you can socialize with the many avatars (a.k.a. players) roaming around the place whether by interacting or chatting. You can even start a relationship with your favorite avatars and have a baby to start a family together. Get a roommate if you feel like your avatar needs company or attend various social events like birthday parties, weddings and more.

Moreover, you can even invite your buddies to your place, while making sure to spruce it up a bit so your home would look impressive, and visit their homes in turn.