Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

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Experience what it is like as a long-haul trucker in this impressive simulator game Play NowTruck Simulator 2018: Europe large

As its name suggests, Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is a full-blown truck driving simulator that puts you at the helm of an honest-to-goodness trailer truck delivering goods from one point of the city to another. Like a real driver, you’d have to make delivery within the set amount of time that is given to you.

First, however, you would need to establish your identity in the game. Choose a name, and an avatar. Unfortunately, while there is a considerable number of avatars available, you cannot customize each and every one of them to suit your preferences. You’d have to take your pick and stay with it. The same goes for your company logo. You’re representing a freight company, after all, and you need a logo to establish your corporate identity as well.

While the lack of customization options could be a drag, the important part of the game, however, is its gameplay. It’s a lot for mobile gamers to think about if you have to drive a stick shift with all the gear options, so Truck Simulator 2018: Europe lets you drive a fully automatic trailer truck. All you need to do is to swipe the stick (located on the upper left corner of the screen) up once from P to engage Drive, and to swipe two steps down for reverse.

The game’s simulation is hyper realistic. Once you step on the gas, the truck accelerates smoothly as its big engine allows. However, if you take your foot off the gas, it will take a few seconds before it actually slows down, so you’ll have to engage the brake - like you would have to with a real truck.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe has the right mix of challenge and enjoyment, which is why it is highly recommended for simulator game lovers to add this to your mobile game library.