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Begin your new adventure in outer space and pilot and face huge fleets of alien enemies.
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If you are into retro gaming, TRUXTON classic is the right game for you. Enjoy the most extreme journey in space and destroy all the enemies in your way. Even though TRUXTON classic is an endless runner, you can choose different difficulties. If you make it far, you'll win diamonds that will help you in your journey.

It’s hard to sail in the vast space when everybody is trying to kill you, but luckily you have a pair of blasters to respond. TRUXTON classic is an endless runner, but with a retro style. In here you’ll be flying in a pixelated spaceship across hostile environments. Defeat other ships, turrets, aliens, and more to survive.

If you’re starting, you can select the easy mode, but once you get some practice you can try the other difficulties. You’ll only have 3 lives per try, but every time you die you lose all your power-ups and enhancers. These power-ups will appear when you destroy enemies and will let you use all-mighty weapons. Try the laser beam, the extra blasters, the photon beams, and more.

Currency in TRUXTON classic are diamonds, you’ll earn them by surviving a lot in the game or buying them. These diamonds will help you upgrade your ship from the start, which makes things easier.

We have to admit that we loved TRUXTON classic because of the whole retro space aesthetic. If you’re a nostalgic gamer like us, we recommend you to download this game right now. Even if you’re an amateur, we are sure that you’re going to enjoy riding these spaceships. Download TRUXTON classic and have a blast by blasting everything in your way.