Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects

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Help the good old uncle Hank find all his missing belongings on that messy farm with this entertaining game.
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The old farmer that everybody knows as Uncle Hank was shocked when he got home after a long day of grocery shopping since everything was a mess and he didn’t recognize his place because of all the chaos. Now it’s your job to help this nice farmer to find his stuff and find out who is guilty of all the havoc in Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects.

Hidden objects games are simply fun, but it gets better when you add a story and a theme to the whole deal. Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects is a hidden objects game, in which you become the helper of an old cowboy whose house it’s an actual mess and he seems unable to find anything. Aid him to find all the things he needs in different places of the house, but hurry up before the timer ends.

Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects, Developed by Pikoya, offers great music, graphics, and sound effects to help you track the different items inside the image. You’ll have 5 boxes with different objects that you need to locate before the timer ends; each one of those boxes will show you an item and once you find it, it will be replaced by another one.

If the mess on the farm is too much and you can’t find that last bag of potatoes, use the hint button, but remember that this will cost you coins. You can obtain coins by simply playing and finding more and more hidden items.

You’ll have around 2 minutes to find all the stuff that the good Uncle Hank needs so you better hurry up and download Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects.