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Test your shooting abilities with this simulator of a classic Game & Watch device.
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If you think that mobile video games started with a PSP or Gameboys, you are actually very wrong. We have here a simulator of one of the first mobile video games that existed, the LCD consoles. Western Bar is an LCD game, in which your mission is to break cups and plates with your revolver.

Western Bar is a very simple game, but back in the 70s, they were the most innovative consoles. You could take them wherever you want and play simple games for hours. Let the nostalgia fill you and try shooting some cups in this wild west world. Be careful in that tavern though because some clients don’t enjoy a shootout when they are trying to get a drink.

Movements are slow and physics are non-existent, but this is how these LCD consoles used to work. Also, you only have 3 buttons which are the left and right arrow and the fire button. Aim right and break as many cups and plates as you can to set new records in Western Bar. The game is over when any object reaches your drunk cowboy.

There are two game modes for the mobile version: the classic mode and the colored mode. They have the same gameplay, but with the colored mode, you can see all the shapes inside the screen easier. You can also turn the music on or off depending on what you like.

Western Bar is not much compared to games nowadays, but it is a decent representation of retro games. If you are into all these vintage titles, don’t forget to give the LCD console some of that love. Download Western Bar right now and show those plates who is the boss in town.