ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition

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Come take on the challenge of the classic game of pinball with a horror twist. Play Now ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition large

Have fun with ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition and try and defeat the hordes of zombies and demons as you make your way into the Demon castle. Destroy the herd of monsters with every hit of your ball and have fun on the different stages and modes which the game offers. Share the fun with friends and see who can finish the quickest and get the highest score.

ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition can be played in one-finger, two-finger, or practice mode. On the first one, you can control the left flipper as you press on the screen, and the right one moves depending on the situation. It will automatically shift up when the ball comes near it but you still have to tap for both of them to be active. Two-finger mode represents the normal type of play where you control the flippers individually while practice allows you to experience the game without the threat of dropping your pinball by placing a drum at the center hole.

The mechanics of ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition is simple and for you to clear a stage you only need to destroy all the zombies and demons on the table. Every monster that gets hit with the ball is removed and it will cause the it to bounce in the opposite direction. You can launch it back up by hitting it with your flippers or as it hits the triangular structures on top of them. It’s game over when the ball drops down the hole at the bottom center but you can grab a safety buff which grants a one-time save by putting a drum on that hole. It then disappears after it gets hit by a pinball.

To sum it all up, ZMAAASH!! Pinball Edition is a great game for those who want to enjoy a mix of classic pinball games and save the world from zombies and demons. Defeat special enemies and discover secret stages to rack up more points. If you are set to test your skills in pinball, get ready to dive into the mob of monsters and set the highest record.